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Standard Estimating Practice, 8th Edition

BNI's Standard Estimating Practice, 8th Edition is a valuable reference manual for estimating construction projects.

Product Code: 9781557017215


Standard Estimating Practice, Eighth Edition
American Society of Professional Estimators


The American Society of Professional Estimators' new Eighth Edition of Standard Estimating Practice is an invaluable "how to" reference manual on the practice of estimating construction projects. It includes basic information applicable to all aspects of estimating and also includes specific information on a wide variety of specialty estimates arranged in the CSI format.

Standard Estimating Practice presents a standard set of practices and procedures proven to create consistent estimates. From the order of magnitude, to conceptual design, design development, construction documents, to the bid and the various types of contracts you'll run up against. Every step is covered in detail -- from specs and plan review to what to expect on bidding day.

Use this book as a reference and you'll see your estimating results become more accurate and more consistent. It includes practical checklists to help you include everything in your bids -- including insurance, outside services, and taxes, equipment rentals and much more.

It explains exactly what estimators are expected to provide in the narrative of the level and scope. What to look for during the project evaluation, and how to meet expectations regarding value engineering. You'll find exactly what the estimator should look for in the plans that will affect the estimate, the 7 important facts that should appear on the cover of every estimate, as well as the 10 essential components needed in every cost estimate so it can be understood throughout the trades.

Standard Estimating Practice also provides:

* Practical advice for using historical data in determining future production rates

* 14 key elements that will influence production rates on every project

* 10 important considerations when including construction equipment in an estimate

* 7 key costs that need to be included in a direct labor burden

* 10 items generally included in overhead costs for he general or subcontractor

You'll find solid procedures you can apply on every job -- bid day procedures, post bid procedures, and estimating procedures for change orders. Also includes practical information on estimating hazardous material, demolition, concrete in hot or cold weather, concrete forming, columns, columns, slabs, rebar, beams and girders, tilt-up concrete, masonry, and much more.

You'll find practical methods for estimating rough and finish carpentry, water repellants, exterior insulation and finish systems, membrane roofing, metal doors and frames, door hardware, gypsum board, acoustical ceilings, wall coverings, painting and coatings, toilet, bath and laundry accessories, mecahnical, grading, trenching, caissons, pavement, curbs and gutters, sewerage, and practically every item an estimator will run up against.

The Seventh Edition of ASPE's Standard Estimating Practice manual will make a great addition to your estimating library as a ready reference for keeping your estimates as accurate and consistent as possible.

490 pp.

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