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Building Security: Strategies and Costs
A complete guide to identify your facility's risk and balance security needs with safe access and a building that functions efficiently

Product Code: 0876296983


Building Security: Strategies and Costs

This comprehensive resource will help you evaluate your facility's security needs -- and figure our what you need to fulfill them.

Theft, assault, corporate espionage, unauthorized systems access, terrorism, hurricanes and tornadoes, sabotage, vandalism, fire, explosions, and other threats… All of these must be considered by building owners, facility managers, and design and construction professionals  as they seek ways to meet security needs.

This comprehensive resource will help you evaluate your facility’s security needs –  and design and budget for the materials and devices needed to fulfill them. The text and cost data will help you to:

  • Identify threats, probability of occurrence, and the potential losses – to determine and address your real vulnerabilities.
  • Perform a detailed risk assessment of an existing facility, and prioritize and budget for security enhancement.
  • Evaluate and price security systems and construction solutions, so you can make cost-effective choices.
  • Design security into new construction or remodeling projects – and integrate it with other building systems.
  • Put effective crisis management and emergency response teams and plans in place.



  • Over 130 pages of sample Means Cost Data for installation of security systems and materials.
  • Review of more than 50 security devices and construction solutions – how they work, and how they compare.
  • Interactive Risk Assessment Matrix, downloadable from a dedicated website, which helps you determine your real vulnerability, and where your security dollars should be invested.

Put effective Crisis Management and Emergency Response teams and plans in place. Have Building Security: Strategies and Costs ready so that you can minimize your security risks -- before security threats appear.

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