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Water and Wastewater Engineering

An In-Depth Guide to Water and Wastewater Engineering This authoritative volume offers comprehensive coverage of the design and construction of municipal water and wastewater facilities.

Our Price: US$140.00

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Design-Build for Water and Wastewater Projects

A collection of 30 articles providing a basic template of how Design-Build projects can be planned, procured, and executed for the water and waste water industry.

Our Price: US$149.00

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Upgrading and Retrofitting Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

This detailed manual outlines procedures that will help water and wastewater treatment plant upgrading and retrofitting projects proceed smoothly and cost efficiently, from initial assessment to final commissioning.

Our Price: US$74.99

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Planning and Installing Sustainable Onsite Wastewater Systems

How to design and construct sound and sustainable decentralized wastewater systems of varying sizes and in differing geophysical conditions.

Our Price: US$65.00

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Water Treatment Plant Design, Fourth Edition

This classic reference (the bible of the field since 1939) has been completely updated for this new Fourth Edition, with typically unsurpassed coverage of water treatment plant design topics.

Our Price: US$120.00

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Unquenchable: America's Water Crisis and What To Do About It

Acclaimed author Robert Glennon captures the tragedy–and irony–of water in America. One truth runs throughout Unquenchable: only when we recognize water’s worth will we begin to conserve it.

Our Price: US$19.95

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Buried Pipe Design, Third Edition

Easily determine the proper pipe and installation system for the job. This unique reference identifies and describes factors involved in working with sewer and drain lines, water and gas mains, subway tunnels, culverts, oil and coals slurry lines, and telephone and electrical conduits.

Our Price: US$90.00

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Hydrogeology Field Manual

The Second Edition of Hydrogeology Field Manual provides the latest information on applied applications in groundwater sampling and water-quality assessment, aquifer characterization, contamination issues, karst applications, and more.

Our Price: US$90.00

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Industrial Water Quality, Fourth Edition

Filled with examples and case studies from a variety of industries, the book covers reverse osmosis or alternative membrane processes and discusses Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) processes.



Our Price: US$140.00

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Water Treatment: Principles and Design, Second Edition

The one-stop resource for all aspects of water treatment engineering-from theory to practice Completely revised and updated to address current practices and technologies.

Our Price: US$119.00

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