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Maintenance Manager's Standard Manual, Fifth Edition

Provides you with a complete set of tools and procedures you can easily edit and adapt for your own organization!

Newly Revised Fifth Edition!

Our Price: US$91.00

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BNi Facilities Managers Costbook 2015

Ready-to-use cost data for building owners, architects, engineers and facilities managers

Includes FREE PDF download!

Available Now!
Our Price: US$99.95

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Building Maintenance Forms, Checklists & Procedures
Perfect for managers that have a need for a workable system of documentation but also those who would like to design their own system
Our Price: US$74.00

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Facility Design and Management Handbook
40 Leading experts in facility design and management show you how to squeeze maximum efficiency from your operation.

Our Price: US$131.00

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Maintenance Planning & Schedule Handbook, Third Edition

Provides you with a complete set of tools and procedures for planning and scheduling maintenance operations.

Newly Revised Third Edition!

Our Price: US$99.95

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Handbook Of Facility Management
Offers a wide range of practical data and procedures that you can use to evaluate and improve your maintenance operation.
Our Price: US$84.00

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Handbook Of Indoor Air Quality Management

Now you’ll be able to de-fuse and avoid problems and meet IAQ concerns with confidence and up-to-date knowledge!

Our Price: US$101.00

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The Guide to Practical Property Management

Everything you need to handle day-to-day management. 

Our Price: US$63.00

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Plant Engineer's Portable Problem Solver
This book is designed for facilities/plant engineering professionals who aren't always in their offices.
Our Price: US$74.00

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Green Facilities: Industrial and Commercial LEED Certification

How to save money and energy by implementing sustainable production and business operations.

Our Price: US$80.00

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