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2013 Handbook for Ceramic, Glass, and Stone Tile Installation

2013 TCNA Handbook for Ceramic, Glass, and Stone Tile Installation is a guide to assist in clarifying and standardizing installation specifications for tile.

Our Price: US$49.95

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2014 National Painting Cost Estimator w/ CD-ROM

A complete guide to estimating painting cost for any type of residential, commercial, or industrial painting

Includes FREE estimating software download!

Available Now!

Our Price: US$73.00

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Gypsum Construction Handbook Seventh Edition
Since the first edition in 1905, this book has served as the "bible" for the gypsum construction industry. 
Our Price: US$44.95

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Tiling (For Pros by Pros)
Presents all of the information needed to take on a tiling project from start to finish, including planning and layout, installation, and upkeep from tiling a kitchen counter or outdoor patio, to installing glass block in a shower, on a curve
Our Price: US$21.95

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Setting Tile
Now, thanks to new materials and techniques, it's easier for anyone to get professional-looking results every time!
Our Price: US$19.95

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RS Means Interior Cost Data 2014

New 2014 Edition provides prices and guidance needed to make accurate interior work estimates for commercial, institutional, and residential construction

Available Now!

Our Price: US$196.95

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Home Remodeling - Planning, Design, Construction

Home Remodeling

While new construction has slowed to a crawl and upgrading to a bigger house is no longer a sure thing, more and more homeowners are choosing to remodel.

Our Price: US$24.95

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Painter's Handbook
This complete guide explains what painters and paint contractors need to know to thrive in the paint contracting business.
Our Price: US$33.00

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Drywall Contracting
Drywall Contracting explains what you need to know to operate successfully as a drywall contractor.
Our Price: US$34.95

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Working with Tile
This book will help you find the right style and shape tile for any building or remodeling project, as well as select the best material.
Our Price: US$19.95

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